Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I like dirt.

I should post a picture of my dirty feet and fingernails to prove how much I love digging in the dirt and planting in the spring. But even I have my limitations. No one ever needs to see dirt that has ground into a person's heels. It's never attractive. But people walk around every day of their lives with grungy feet. And then wear sandals! There are inexpensive scrubbers and tools that will take care of such nastiness, not to mention shoes that keep us from having to see your feet.

I digress. Here's a couple of plants that I expect to mass-multiply in a couple months, the tried and true Lantana and the Sweet Potato Vine:


DeeBee said...

I've got to get me some of those potato vines. So pretty!

her said...

We always love our potato vines. Too bad we can't plant for another 6 weeks.:( Thank goodness my pansies are still looking good. I love spring.