Saturday, March 08, 2008

"Miss Jackson, if you're nasty"

The last couple of hashers left about an hour ago. This was our second time to host a Hash and our fourth one to attend. That means that next month will be mine and Alan's 5th Hash, making us eligible to receive our Hash names. So tonight at "circle time" and later around the fire pit, other hashers threw out suggestions as to what our names should be. Alan's potential name is looking like "Lean, Mean, Bald Machine," while suggestions for yours truly were "Double Trouble" and "Mrs. Nasty." The names are by no means supposed to be complimentary, and mine derives from all kinds of inappropriate scenarios. We had a good time as usual, and this particular run was pretty long, grueling, and oh And who knew Midland had so many hills and valleys!

Right now I'm tired and just happy to have the BBQ smoke and beer washed out of my hair. Come join a hash sometime, and this will all make perfect sense.

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DeeBee said...

Sounds like you had another good time. I guess the long course explains why Alan was gone for over and hour.