Friday, March 07, 2008

Kicking back

So I survived administering my first state test as a real I just have to wait on the results for a couple weeks. Once we finished that on Wednesday, the rest of the week for the kids has been absolutely no work and all fun. They deserve it, when the state puts them through such hell over a stupid test.

Today while they're watching movies (on the friggin big screen in my hi-tech classroom!) and playing games, I'll be finishing getting completely caught up on grading and inputting grades. I might even have time for that inconceivable and fuzzy concept called PLANNING.

Tomorrow we're hosting another Hash at our house, which we were hit with out of the blue. I have no idea what all we're going to eat, haven't been to the store, and have a "thing" I have to attend tonight at the school. I'm also disappointed because we haven't had the porch residing project done yet, and everything out back is dead and ugly. But I'm guessing since beer and food is involved, we'll manage to have an okay time. :-)

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DeeBee said...

You are busy! I was playing hide and seek with you on Wednesday... you won. I never found you.