Sunday, March 02, 2008


Bailey's team had a fairly humiliating day on Saturday of the tournament, only to turn it around completely today, winning all three matches and the Bronze championship. For a team who hasn't won much all season, this was a much needed boost! Bailey went from playing hitter to setter and back to hitter again, and she's handled all the changes with no complaints. She was awesome as an outside hitter this weekend, a position she much prefers. She also serves as the team's captain. Here's the victory photo as well as a mini-clip from a game.


DeeBee said...

Way to go, Bailey! I bet those matches on the last day were exciting.

corey74 said...

i want to thank you for your blog i read most of it on sunday australian time and it took my mind off having to go to work on you im going thru the its sunday night i have to go to work on monday what a bummer routine especially since im living by myself in the the northern territory away from family and also because i had 4 days off work because i fell off my bike but that is another story but thank you for taking my mind of everything with your blog i cant thank you enough yours sincerly corey